About NFC

The Nashville Feminist Collective (NFC) is a grassroots, community organizing collective with a virtual/online presence. Our power is generated–in part, but importantly–from personal interactions with one another and with the members of other local organizations we support and and with whom we partner. The purpose of our online presence is to increase accessibility and provide another avenue for our members to communicate, share information, and build relationships. It is one of multiple organizing spaces.

We seek to build feminist leadership, feminist allyship, and feminist community–in part, through connecting individuals and communities, strengthening ties between communities, and building and deepening relationships. We initiate and lead our own work, and amplify the work of others, to address the injustices experienced by our members and by other marginalized members of our Nashville community.

NFC aims to center the experiences, needs, and voices of those who have been historically left out and overlooked in mainstream feminist activism. These means centering working class, disabled, LGBTQI+, women and nonbinary people of color, especially black women. Every issue that we take on must be approached from an intersectional lens.