A Weekend of Feminist Jams and NFC’s First Tabling Event

Feminists turned out in droves on Friday, February 13th for She’s A Rebel: A Girl Group Tribute Concert at Mercy Lounge. And Nashville Feminist Collective tabled our first event on Saturday, February 14th at Red Violet Valentine’s. All in all, it was a great weekend for feminist music in Nashville.

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In a write up about She’s A Rebel in the Nashville Scene, feminist musician Tiffany Minton of Adia Victoria and PUJOL explained that songs – like “You Can’t Hurry Love” and “Be My Baby” – were chosen for the evening’s playlist because they contain strong messages about women defining their own identities. “This is music that young girls and women attach themselves to for a lot of reasons,” she said. “With the Vanderbilt rape case, and NFL players abusing their wives, there’s a lot of things in these songs that are still relevant. They don’t occur in a vacuum. They’re telling us something about our culture and experiences.”

Awesome, right?

She’s a Rebel featured songs of 1950s-1960s during the era of Second-Wave feminism and everyone who attended will agree that it was an amaaaaaazing show. Shout out to the Nashville Riot Grrls who were there, too.


“There are a lot of talented women in Nashville, and I think as a community we need to get to know each other across the great divide.”
-Tiffany Minton

photo credit: Sarah Bandy

If you aren’t familiar with these awesome feminist artists and bands who contributed to the concert, definitely check them out and support their work: Jessi Zazu and Nikki Kvarnes of Those Darlins, Tiffany Minton and Ruby Rogers of Adia Victoria and The Black Belles, Laura Taylor of Take the Power Back, Heather Moulder of Rhythm Kitchen/Don Coyote, Thelma and the Sleaze, Caitlin Rose, Tristen Gaspadarek, Alanna Royale, Jasmin Kaset, Kyshona Armstrong, Alicia Bognaanno of Bully, Luella/Melissa Mathes of Luella and the Sun, “The Gambler” from The Protomen, Coco Hames of The Ettes, Carey Kotsionis, Robin August “Little Bean” Fritsch, Kelli Karnes, Larissa Maestro, Jessie Friedman, Beth Cameron of Forget CassettesMargo Price of Margo and the PricetagsEmily Deloach, Olivia Scibelli and Sarah Bandy of YEAH! Youth Empowerment through Arts & Humanities, Inc., Ellen Angelico, Jordan Hamlin, Alice Buchanan, Brooke Ivey, Kristin Weber, Jen Starsinic, and Alyssa Beach.

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photo credits: Jennifer Stalvey

Mercy Lounge’s event page has a more detailed write up of a few of the She’s A Rebel contributing artists, too.

Saturday was another fun-filled event. Nashville Feminist Collective tabled at Caitin Rose’s Red Violet Valentine’s – our first ever tabling event! There’s a great interview with Caitlin in Lockeland Springsteen, Nashville’s only women-run music blog.

Feb 14 caitlin rose

Nashville Feminist Collective tabled for the first time at the event.

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February’s Feminist Trivia Packed the House

February’s trivia night had the highest turnout to-date! Brenda’s women’s co-operative debuted to great acclaim. She sold out of her fabulous vegan tamales and likewise, Missy sold out of her homemade vegan rosemary chocolate chip cookies. Feminists are a hungry bunch!


Thank you to this month’s question writing team: Missy, Anna, Christine, Marie, Lis, and Sarah. As usual, there were some impressive team names including “Saved by the bell hooks,” “Susan B Agony,” “Ain’t I a Winner,” “Great Barrier Queef,” “Notorious RBGs,” and “Cliteracy.” Congratulations to the winning team – “Born Friedans!” Such a great turnout meant that we filled all of Jackalope’s tables and seats – awesome sauce!

But also, we need to start looking for a bigger space, since that means we had 60+ folks, and we’re just getting started. Meanwhile parking, as you know, is horrendous at Jackalope. Sadly, a few of our feminists even had their cars towed this month.


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NFC’s First Organizing Meeting

NFC’s Mission Statement: “A grassroots collective of people committed to building understanding, community, and power around issues of gender, identity, and experience.”

For those of you who didn’t attend our organizing meeting, the main output was this powerful new mission statement.

We toyed with many different ideas like “transformational friendship” “intersectional feminism” and “social justice.” In the end we decided we wanted to be gender-neutral and focused on education (understanding), community (relationships), and power (dismantling hierarchies). Identity and experience were important to emphasize that we are a community that is enriched by each member’s particular experience and voice. And of course, we’re a grassroots group, not an organization but rather a loose affiliation of like-minded folks.

Thank you to those of you who made it out to the Bordeaux Branch Library on Jan. 25th for our first ever organizing meeting! We hope to see and hear from more of you next month!

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Launch of Our New Website

Nashville Feminist Collective is excited to announce the launch of our new website!

Find us on Google+

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