NFC’s First Organizing Meeting

NFC’s Mission Statement: “A grassroots collective of people committed to building understanding, community, and power around issues of gender, identity, and experience.”

For those of you who didn’t attend our organizing meeting, the main output was this powerful new mission statement.

We toyed with many different ideas like “transformational friendship” “intersectional feminism” and “social justice.” In the end we decided we wanted to be gender-neutral and focused on education (understanding), community (relationships), and power (dismantling hierarchies). Identity and experience were important to emphasize that we are a community that is enriched by each member’s particular experience and voice. And of course, we’re a grassroots group, not an organization but rather a loose affiliation of like-minded folks.

Thank you to those of you who made it out to the Bordeaux Branch Library on Jan. 25th for our first ever organizing meeting! We hope to see and hear from more of you next month!

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